Harley-Davidson Spirited Women’s Jacket

3 In 1 Motorcycle Hooded Vest Liner 98222-10VW

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 Harley-Davidson Spirited Women'sThe evolution of motorcycle apparel has been an interesting thing to witness, especially as I'm just a casual observer. In the past, the only items for safety that were usually made were made for men, because it was something like 1% of the riders out there were women, so not really a market that a business owner would want to invest in. Now, that number is jumping towards 20% of riders are women who own their bikes, so it's becoming a good thing that Harley and other companies are looking more at clothing designed for women.

The Women's Harley-Davidson Spirited 3-in-1 Functional Jacket is 100% waterproof polyester and contains a 100% cotton hooded vest that is removable and can be worn separately if desired. There's not a lot of stuff that's less than 100% on this jacket, as Harley-Davidson tends to go all the way. For the summer days, there's front sleeve vents and two vertical vents in the back that help circulate air through the jacket to keep you cool. The armor that's in the elbows, shoulders, and back are all removable for easy washing, and with all the pockets you could ever need, there shouldn't be a reason why you didn't bring your ID to the dance club.

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