Harley Davidson Mirror Kit, Tail Fin

Art Deco Motorcycle Parts by Wyatt Fuller

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Harley Davidson Mirror Kit, Tail Fin Bolt-on parts are fun. You pick out an after-market option you like, remove the original or previous after-market choice, and bolt on the new. Quick and easy, and all of a sudden your bike takes on a whole new look. You never knew it could look so good, and for just a few minutes of your time. Highly satisfying.

This fish-fin or Art Deco streamliner-style mirror from Harley-Davidson is one of those fun bolt-on parts. Clean, simple lines give these mirrors that look of movement, while the smooth finish and quality manufacturing lend them a solid, custom feel. The forged and chrome-plated stem and the die-cast body are built to last for many years. The "kit" comes with all the necessary bolts, washers, and spacers, for applications from 1982 to present.

This particular design is from Wyatt Fuller's workshop. Wyatt Fuller was a long-time commercial airline pilot who became known for custom bikes in the early 1990s. Featured in several magazines, his ideas were instantly appealing to many. Harley-Davidson liked Wyatt's innovative designs, too, and purchased his company in 1994. He set up shop and continued to design motorcycle accessories for Harley-Davidson until his (untimely) death in 2006.

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  1. Kenny Mahan Says:

    I have bought two pairs of tear drop mirrors for my Harley.The first pair the chrome peeled off in less than two years I thought it was a bad chrome job and bought another pair three years ago and they are completly without chrome and turning green.Do you have teardrops that have extra chrome that will last,at 100 bucks a pair they should be better than this.

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