Harley-Davidson Leather Tank Panel

Chrome Rivet Concho

Posted by Ila

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Harley-Davidson Leather Tank Panel w/We all love to accessorize our rides. No matter the style, even if you're replacing your seat with an old tractor seat because you want to look haphazard, you're still going for a specific design that speaks to you as a rider. Last year I painted my tank with a spine and ribs, but if you're looking for something more classic, the Harley-Davidson leather tank panel is an attractive adornment for any bike.

The sturdy leather strip is a perfect replacement for an OE tank strip that lacks flare, or a superb addition to a sadly naked tank. Chrome embellishments dot the edges of the leather, and a single chrome concho disrupts any monotony that would otherwise be found on a plain leather tank strip.

Your side panels, pipes, and fenders are all deserving of attention. You'll see them when you walk to and from your bike, and the sight will warm the cockles of your heart. But when you're on the bike, they'll be for the appreciation of the rest of the world. Your tank, on the other hand, is going to be for your aesthetic comfort as you ride. Having a decorative bit of chrome and leather before your eyes will be a reminder of the beautiful machine beneath you. The bones on my tank make me smile inside as I cruise, so if black leather and chrome fit in with your intended design, this panel will be a small slice of joy.

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