Harley-Davidson Chrome Hardware Tool Kit

Primary Cover, Dyna, Softail

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Harley-Davidson Chrome Hardware KitSitting on an engine with a saddle connects you to your machine in a raw, primal way. A car is powered by an engine, but a motorcycle is its engine. Part of being so close to the workings is vibration, which can rattle the bones and the bolts.

Inevitably you're going to shake a few screws out of place over time. When that happens you can pick up parts from the hardware store, but unless you're replacing a very minor part, this can mean bad news if you've got the size wrong or the material is not up to the rigors it will be put through. Also, you're going to find that the hardware just looks dull. Another option is to buy OEM, but getting your hardware bolt by bolt can be expensive and annoying.

Harley-Davidson, with the pistons pumping at uneven intervals, has a potent shake loved among riders, but that same thump can shake out loose fasteners. Harley has put together a chrome hardware kit to replace any missing bits without having to wait for delivery. The kit is also indispensable if you are working on your bike and happen to have a messy garage that eats screws.

The washers, button screws, socket screws and smooth screws are 100% Harley and made to their specifications for your outer primary cover. All kit components are chrome so they will match your Harley perfectly. This kit contains hardware for '99 to '05 Dyna and '00 to '06 Softail models. Having the appropriate hardware on hand can save you wait and want.

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