Harley-Davidson Bike Wash Kit

Motorcycle Cleaning Sunwash, Bug Remover & Mit

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Harley-Davidson Bike Wash Kit What would Danny Tanner say if he came over and looked at your Harley sitting in the garage with his white glove? Would there be dust and oil, or dirt and grime that he discovers while he slides the perfectly bleached white glove along the chrome pipes and gas tank? Hopefully it would pass his inspection, but if you haven't washed your bike in a while, then I doubt it would. If you don't know who I'm talking about, perhaps you were hiding in a rock during the '90s.

Regardless, Harley-Davidson makes a Bike Wash Kit that has everything you need to wash and care for your baby in the garage. The kit includes Sunwash concentrated cleaner, which is formulated to promote sheeting action which prevents hard water spots and rinses clean on hot sunny days. There is a biodegradable bug remover spray that "melts away bugs" without harming the paint or metal surfaces, and also has a wash mitt that is made of premium quality wool-blended material designed for scrubbing power and durability. There is also a Harley-Davidson logo soft detailing pad with an easy to grip handle, a synthetic shammy for drying without streaking, and a microfiber detailing cloth safe for all surfaces and finishes. Everything you need is in a convenient kit, and it will keep your bike looking as new as it did on the showroom floor.

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