Harley-Davidson Analog Motorcycle Clock

Billet Aluminum Chrome Water Resistant

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Harley-Davidson Analog Motorcycle Clock Part of the timelessness of Harley-Davidson is the fact that even though technology has made leaps and bounds, Harley bikes dedicate themselves to preserve the feel of the old glorious days of motorcycledom, which is my word for the beginning of the motorcycle revolution. They don't need to put fancy hidden exhausts or digital displays that show the outside temperature. In fact, most Harleys don't even have a clock on them, which can help give you a little anxiety if you can't tell if you're running late or not.

If, per chance, you find yourself wanting to know the time, you should check out the Billet Analog Clock made by Harley-Davidson. The case is made out of durable aluminum, and it features strong double-sided tape that can attach the water-resistant clock to your master cylinder housing easily, and effectively. The Billet Analog Clock is compatible with all Harley-Davidson models and would probably work on other brands as well. It's available in a chrome and black finish, to complement all models of bikes. Because it's not digital, it won't ruin the classic look of your Harley, either. The clock runs on a standard watch battery, so you shouldn't have to replace it for quite a while.

If you'd also like to know what the temperature is without losing style, check out this Harley-Davidson thermometer.

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