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Hardline Moto-Slide 360 Storage Device

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Hardline Moto-Slide 360 Rear Wheel DollyOn the surface, this product looks an awful lot like an oversize furniture slide. In reality, however, there's more to it than is initially apparent.

The visible piece is injection-molded plastic. The plastic covers a framework that holds six ball-casters. A rubber ring around the inside perimeter acts as a friction-stop when a little bit of pressure is exerted toward the edges of the plastic. Meaning: put your foot on one side, and it won't roll.

This turns out to be a great idea. If your garage or storage area is very small, or if like most people your garage is overfull, this device might work well for you. You just roll the back tire onto the 12-inch-wide Moto-Slide, then push the back end of the bike wherever you need it to go. It does perform at its best on smooth concrete; common sense will tell you that ball casters aren't going to work as well on asphalt or any broken or uneven surface.

Load rating is about 700 pounds. It's not recommended for use on front wheels, and don't ride onto one with the engine running unless you want to end up on AFV. Also, it's probably advisable to have a small block of wood nearby in case your kickstand doesn't quite go long enough, even while Hardline claims the profile is so low you won't need the additional support.

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