Gator Skin Thermal Motorcycle Pants

Microfiber Long Underpant for Winter Sports

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Gator Skin Thermal Motorcycle Pants Picture being twelve again and waking up to snow on the ground. You'd turn on the news and wait with all fingers crossed in anticipation to see your school on the closed list. When it was, the next few minutes were spent trying desperately to find layers of clothing to put on so you could spend the next four hours playing in the heavenly powder. It really never mattered how many layers you had, though -- once you stopped moving, your butt would freeze.

That same freezing feeling happens when you ride without enough layers, even when it's not super cold. When 60-mph winds are constantly hitting your knees for hours, they still tend to freeze up even through the thickest jeans. The Gator Skin Thermal pants are a good way to keep that from happening. They're made out of warm microfiber fabric that is cross-stitched in a way that helps to repel water but keeps your natural body heat from escaping through millions of tiny little air pockets. Made here in the good ol' USA, they're designed to bring the warmth without the bulk.

Staying warm on a ride is pretty crucial to actually enjoying it. Even if you're just out for a half hour, nobody wants to get home and find frostbite on their legs. You still want to be able to move around comfortably, though, so sometimes layering up with three pairs of jeans isn't a good way to go either. The Gator Skin Thermals could be a great alternative in that case.

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