G-MAX Motorcycle Helmet Sun Shield Visor Conversion

Double Tint Flip Kit, Clear & Smoke

Posted by Andy

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G-MAX Motorcycle Helmet Sun ShieldWhile the fast food industry is working on making things twice as big as the competitors by doubling up the amount of meat that they pile on their buns, there are also people in the motorcycle helmet industry who think that doubling up the number of visors is a good way to keep you prepared for unexpected sunshine or darkness.

The Flip Tint Shield Conversion Double Lens Kit, made by G-Max is a great idea for those of us who have to wear glasses or riders who don't have sunglasses at the ready at all times. The idea behind it is pretty simple. There are two visors that attach to the same mounting in most G-Max helmets. The tinted one is mounted behind the clear one, but is shorter so it's not a complete second shield. The tinted shield is completely independent of the clear visor, so if you decide you need a little shade, just pop that baby down -- but if it's dark, you can keep it up and just enjoy seeing the world through the clear shield. If you have an older G-Max helmet, don't worry; this was designed to fit all current and previous models. The Flip Tint Shield conversion kit comes with double layer clear shield, short smoke shield, ratchet plates, and all the mounting hardware you need.

Here's a helmet that this visor will work on.

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