Front Fork Wheel Motorcycle Stand

For KapscoMoto Sport Bike, Upright, Adjustable & Oil Resistant

Posted by Andy

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Front Fork Wheel Motorcycle Stand I appreciate a good center stand on my 2-wheeled, fun-inducing vehicles. I like having the ability to check my oil accurately (you never get a good reading on the side stand) or just having a little bit more stability when the bike's in the garage. It's a wonder why newer bikes don't come with center stands all the time, but there's an inexpensive alternative for the home. Having a nice front fork stand is almost as essential as having a tire gauge, especially for quick, easy maintenance at home.

KapscoMoto makes a good Front Fork Wheel stand that will keep your bike upright for those minor services you perform yourself. It's designed to fit all sport bikes, so some of you with big cruiser tires might need to find something else. The Front Fork Wheel stand is fully adjustable and is mounted on oil-resistant 3" wheels to make it easy to roll around. Built with a little over 1-1/4" thick steel pipes, this is one stand that isn't going to break the first time you use it to completely lift your bike.

Another version of the front wheel stand can be found here.

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