Fox Racing Men’s Leather Trifold Motorcycle Wallet

ID Cash & Credit Holder, Casual Black w/ Chrome Logo

Posted by Andy

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Fox Racing Men's Leather TrifoldWell, well, well. It seems another year has gone past, and with that, another wallet has been lost. You probably lost it while you were in the conga line at that last party you went to. You'd think that someone would have invented a way for you to locate that little holder-of-things by now. Maybe put a chip in it like you do your pets, and when you lose it you can just hook up your smart phone and locate it with GPS. Well, if you're like me, that wouldn't matter anyways because all that was in mine was a couple of moths and an old breath mint, so actually it was time for a new one anyways.

I've always enjoyed sports bikes, and what better way to show my appreciation for the whole motorcycle racing industry than walking around with the Fox Racing Leather Tri-fold Wallet in my rear pocket? It's made out of top-drawer leather (none of that second- or third-drawer stuff, mind you) and has all the usual suspects (ID holder, cash pocket, credit card slots). The Fox Head logo is cast chrome and recessed so it doesn't catch on your pockets when you're trying to pull it out to pay that tab. It's available in black, brown, and white. With any luck, money will want to stay in this wallet, too.

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