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Chrome Calibrated CA35820

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Formotion Gauge Compass CA35820Thinking I could stick any ol' compass on my bike, I bought a 3-dollar automotive compass with mounting tape and stuck it to my gauge cluster. This was a mistake for a number of reasons. That sucker vibrated itself to complete unreadability and eventually fell off on some unknown stretch of road where I'm sure it still exists among the shattered plastic detritus. Worse yet, it never worked in the first place! All that metal and motion confused it. My motorcycle may be the center of my world, but I didn't believe it was always pointing south.

Although the Formotion gauge compass looks like a simple doodad, it is feature-packed for the motorcycle world. It can be calibrated, so no matter what crazy chunks of metal you slap on that bike, you can adjust your compass and it will point true. The housing and seating of this compass have undergone a surprising amount of engineering and are ready for the most intense vibration your bike can dish out.

The chrome housing will look great with any machine, even if you're not a chrome nut, and the compass ball can be purchased in black or white. Unless you carefully plan out every road you're going to take, or you're not going to plan any destination at all, you should carry a compass. I don't care what the GPS crowd is shouting about. There's nothing more reliable than a good compass when you know how to use one.

But you always want to know where your riders are -- and for that, I'd recommend an intercom headset system such as the Scala Rider G4 Powerset.

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