FMF Racing Gnarly Exhaust Pipe

Nickel Plated Steel Expansion Chamber

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FMF Racing Gnarly Exhaust Pipe You can't skip over FMF Racing when you're in the market for a new 2-stroke pipe. The predominance of their name in motocross demands acknowledgment. This is the company that developed the Fatty, which became the number one pipe of its kind on the market.

The Gnarly pipe is designed with specificity to provide increased power and torque at low RPM. Tough, inconsistent terrain doesn't demand speed; it demands slow, steady pulling power to draw you out of every rut and ease you down the treacherous inclines. The Gnarly pipe, along with a properly tuned engine, gives the rider surgical precision with the throttle. The ability to wield a bike without deriving all of its power from speed will put you at a strategic advantage.

Constructed of 18 gauge steel and nickel plated, the Gnarly will wear well. FMF states that their nickel plated pipes are among the most imitated expansion chambers in the world. This places them on the forefront of research and development.

To reflect the functionality, the Gnarly is a beautifully shiny pipe. You probably won't see its visual appeal when it's covered in grit and grime, but every time you clean up your bike it will come out gleaming. The brand stamp is subtle. None of those bright yellow stickers here, because this is a classy pipe that will speak for itself.

Here's another exhaust option that's just as classy.

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