Fieldsheer Motorcycle Mesh Gloves for Men

TI Air 2.0 in Black, Red, Blue

Posted by Tim

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Fieldsheer Motorcycle Mesh Gloves forHeavy gauge, full leather gloves provide the ultimate in crash protection for the hands. However, they can be downright uncomfortable in hot weather. I have worn Fieldsheer gloves of the leather variety and was very impressed. With this in mind, I had high hopes for the Fieldsheer Ti Air 2.0 Mesh Gloves. My hope was for a substantial glove with a mesh back for cooling.

Well, the reality is that the glove seems well-made, but it is less than confidence-inspiring in terms of protection. The Ti Air 2.0 seems to be a glorified dirt glove. Street gloves must offer protection well beyond that of a dirt glove because of the potential ravages of taking a slide along the pavement. I just do not trust these gloves for that purpose.

To be honest, I may have been expecting too much. Nowhere does Fieldsheer make any protection claims. Rather, the Ti 2 is billed as a comfortable glove which provides a solid grip on the bars. These claims are true. So in the end, the Fieldsheer Ti Air 2.0 Mesh Gloves are probably right on target for their intended mission. I just feel that mission pulls up a little short for a street glove.

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