EZ-Up Center Bike Stand

Fits Harley-Davidson FL 09-11 Touring Motorcycle

Posted by Andy

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EZ-Up Center Bike Stand The side stand on your bike is probably one of those things you don't really think about. It's always there, ready to help hold your bike up when you're away. But there is a danger to always relying on this important item, and it's not in the side stand itself, but on the ground it's being used on. Cement can get slippery when wet, which could send your bike toppling over; asphalt can get soft when it's hot and cause your bike to crash on its side. Sometimes there's just too much weight being put on that single point of the side stand. If you're riding a Harley-Davidson Touring bike (the 2009-2011 FL models), you can add on this EZ-UP Center Stand.

There are a few reasons that installing one of these Center Stands is a good idea. First, you don't have to worry about pushing it off the center stand. It's designed to just be able to pop your bike in gear and drive off. Putting the bike up on the center stand will also give you more room in your garage, sometimes up to a foot more walking space. If you have your bike up on the center stand when you're getting gas, you can fill up about a half gallon more than on the side stand. It's also really easy for the passenger to climb on the bike; they don't have to swing their legs up and over while you're holding it up. Installation takes just about 10 minutes, and the EZ-Up company has a lifetime warranty on their product.

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