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EVS Vision Knee BraceKnees were never meant to be battering rams, but they certainly take a lot of abuse. On a dirt-bike you use your knees as secondary suspension to absorb all the pounding from a track or trail. And when you stuff yourself into the ground, sometimes your knees hit first. Or, you put a put down and twist your knee when pushing off again. Lots of peril for the precious pair you're born with, thus lots of reason to protect them as best you can.

The Vision knee brace is meant to protect your knees as much as possible, and at a reasonable price. EVS's top-of-the-line knee protection is expensive. It's very good, but still very expensive -- so the Vision is their attempt to provide a good brace at half the cost of their high-end braces. They've done a fair job of achieving that end, and this is comfortable and functional knee protection.

Built into the Vision are aluminum dual-pivot hinges which follow along with the flexion and extension of your knee. Bilateral protection helps prevent your getting whacked from the side. There are also impact-resistant panels on the thigh and calf as well as on the kneecap. Anti-slip neoprene "sharkskin"-lined on the inside, the Vision is fairly comfortable even if you wear them on bare skin.

Two Velcro straps, one above the knee and one below, help assure the right fit for any rider. These braces fit easily inside the top of your boots, too.

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