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EVS Sports RS7 Knee Brace RS7XLL Motocross, and really any kind of dirtbiking, is a killer on the ol' knees. Your legs are like extra suspension for your bike, and just like your forks and shock, they react to every big triple or tiny bump on the track. EVS is a company dedicated to keeping you riding as long as possible by keeping you protected and safe. They have a variety of different knee braces available. The RS7 is one of their more budget-conscientious models.

The RS7 features the signature EVS TrueMotion technology. The hinges are supposed to imitate the natural flexion and extension of your actual knee. Those hinges are made from high-grade aircraft 6061 T-6 aluminum. Like any good brace, this puppy will stop your leg from hyperextending. It's also got a plastic knee cup as well as"Extreme V" impact panels on the shin and thigh area.

The RS7 is padded to the gills, which means it will be much more comfortable than some of its more rigid counterparts. It does seem to lack a lot of venting, so be aware of that if you are riding in the extreme heat. All in all, this is a good brace for casual riders and those looking for a bit more protection, but anyone with a serious knee injury or wary of getting a serious knee injury should consider some of the higher-end models.

Maybe you don't need full-fledged leg armor -- maybe a pair of racing pants with built-in armor is enough.

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