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Engine Ice Coolant, Eco FriendlyTraditional ethylene glycol (EG) coolant is nasty stuff. Yes, it serves its purpose well, but it is toxic (even deadly) to humans and animals if ingested and is very environmentally unfriendly.

OK, so what if I told you there is a product that cools much more effectively than EG antifreeze with up to 50 degrees of additional cooling in high performance engines? And what if I upped the ante by telling you that it is biodegradable and substantially less harmful to living things? You are ready to buy, right?

CycleLogic Engine Ice High-Performance Motorcycle Coolant is the product I'm talking about here. This stuff does everything that traditional EG coolant does, only better. The premixed coolant has a boiling point of 256 degrees Fahrenheit and a freezing point of -26 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of the aforementioned ethylene glycol, Engine Ice uses propylene glycol. The latter (PG) is the base stock that gives the performance and safety benefits. The coolant will work in all liquid-cooled engines and is approved for AMA, CCS, and FUSA road racing applications.

So what is the downside? Cost. Engine Ice will cost you about 10 times more than conventional coolant. So is it worth it? Only you can make that call. However, with a substantial performance and safety upside, maybe you need some Ice in your bike's veins.

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