Elvis Motorcycle Helmet by Rockhard

Full Face Vented, Limited Edition Collectible 1968 Black

Posted by Andy

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Elvis Motorcycle Helmet by Rockhard When I'm on the road riding by myself, it's easy to pretend that I'm the king of the road, and everything I see is part of my domain. When I'm passing cars in the left lane I nod to them, letting them know that I'm allowing them to continue driving on my road, but I am king, and I take the lead. It doesn't hurt to have a helmet that shows off what kind of king I would be, either.

Apart from portraying the image of the King of Rock & Roll, the limited edition Elvis Presley graphic full-face helmet from Rockhard features a long list of good stuff. First of all, it's rated for DOT and Snell, as well as passes the tests for the Australian, Japanese, and European Standards. So, no matter where you are in the world, the King will protect your brains to the best of his ability. This helmet also has movable vents to give you optimum airflow in an any situation. The face shield is designed for the best optical clarity and is offered in tinted and colored versions. The interior is removable for cleaning. Rockhard uses an advanced composite of fiberglass/carbon/spectra core to create a super-strong, durable, and lightweight helmet. Because of its limited production run, each helmet comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. This helmet has a lot of good traits, but I can see it sitting on a shelf in a room filled with other Elvis collectibles, too.

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