Ed Hardy Born Free Nomad in Black or White

KBC Classic Half Helmet Patriotic Eagle

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This is one of the coolest half-shells around. Ed Hardy is seen on everything nowadays, from purses to pocket mirrors to rain boots.  So he’s over-played.  So what?  His designs are very appropriate for biker culture, and the Nomad half helmet is just plain cool.
This helmet features a mini-visor and a classic vintage-tattoo inspired design of an eagle holding arrows in one claw and an olive branch in another, with a banner over its shoulders that reads “Born Free” in Old English font.  There are stars floating over the top of the eagle. The colors include touches of red, white, and blue.  It’s very Americana without being over the top, in-your-face Tobey Keith-ish. The construction is sound with a nicely engineered chin strap, padding for comfort, and a traditional strap-and-loop instead of a plastic clasp that will eventually break.
On the front of the helmet is a sticker of Ed Hardy’s signature, so if you dread being called a brand, don’t buy this helmet.  But it’s not obtrusive, and the attention is captured by the design on the sides.
The black version of this helmet is even more rad with square studs lining the chin straps and red piping as well.  The Ed Hardy signature on both helmets is deep red.
Iit’s no cheap deal, but can you put a price on cool?
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