Dynojet Power Commander III USB

Fuel Injection Optimizer

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Dynojet Power Commander III USB If you're experiencing hesitation or flat spots in your bike's acceleration, particularly after installing aftermarket parts for the exhaust or intake, the Dynojet Power Commander III USB could be the fix for you. This is one very cool high-tech tool.

At the simplest level, the PC III plugs in using the stock connectors, in line with your bike's ECU (electronic control unit). What it does is remap your EFI's (electronic fuel injection) fuel curve to match any performance parts you may have installed. This results in more horsepower, better throttle response, and more efficient use of fuel. The company says most bikes are optimized at about 70% (stock), whereas installation of this device will bring them to the 85-95% range.

The Power Commander III also plugs into any computer's USB port. It automatically seeks out the Power Commander website, and from there you can download fuel curve maps to match your bike and to match any specific modifications you've made. They have a vast number of these maps available to fit almost any configuration, and you can tweak the maps yourself as needed.

You can even control the fuel flow to each individual cylinder. Advanced users can take advantage of the "cylinder trim" feature, mapping and controlling flow to each cylinder throughout the RPM range.

The PC III has lots more features than can be covered here. Suffice it to say that with this tool you'll be able to dial in your bike's EFI to "as good as it gets." Available for metric cruisers, sport bikes, and Harley Davidsons.

And when you're done using your computer for "work," then you can edit through the pictures you captured on the road with your new camera.

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