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Wet Surface V Rated GT501

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Dunlop Sport Bias Tire GT501 If you're prejudiced against bias tires, listen up: sport tires are often bias-belted because the criss-cross pattern gives the tire a more consistent flex when cornering to handle a variety of surfaces. As comparison, radials have "slip-flex," or softer sidewalls which keep more of the center tread on the road. Usually thrown around much harder than cruisers, sport bike tires need to be able to instantly respond to and grip variations in asphalt, concrete, various surface hazards, and weather factors such as rain.

Dunlop says the GT501 series has an increased tread-to-void ratio to increase traction in general, but also to give it more stick on a wet road. The tread-to-void ratio is the relationship of how much rubber is hitting the road as compared to the grooves, or voids, in the tire. How these grooves are lined up is important, too. The Transportation Research Board ( states that straight rib patterns are superior to zig-zag patterns when it comes to traction on wet surfaces. After a certain depth, of course, it doesn't make any difference what tire you have, because it may hydroplane. And other factors (see first paragraph) will certainly have an influence on how well the tire holds the road. Dunlop recommends a 100-mile "run-in" period for their tires. This recommendation is specifically intended for the rider to become accustomed to the handling of the new tire.

This tire has a "V" speed rating, meaning up to 149mph.

The GT501 is Dunlop's mid-range sport tire. Price, performance and wear factors all point toward more average use. User opinion is generally high, with the occasional and typical exceptions.

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