Dunlop Radial Tire D220 for Sport Touring Motorcycle

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Dunlop Radial Tire D220 for SportThe Dunlop D220 Sport Touring Radial Tire is a tried and true middle-of-the-road sport touring tire. It has been replaced (sort of) by the Dunlop Road Smart, but is still widely available as an OEM tire. The D220 came as original equipment on several popular bikes such as Suzuki's SV650 and the Honda ST1300.

The tire is a reasonably good compromise for sport touring motorcycles. The wear is far superior to pure sport rubber, and the grip is superior to touring specific tires. The front tread pattern, in my experience, resists cupping. However, riders of large displacement bikes have reported some cupping tendencies.

I have found the D220 to be a predictable tire in corners. That is not to say that it has extreme stickiness in turns, because it does not. If you are an extremely aggressive canyon-carver, you will be disappointed with the D220. However, if you are a touring or commuting rider who takes frequent sojourns into the twisties, you will probably be quite impressed. What I have found is that the D220 lets you know when it is about to break free. That is a very desirable quality in a sport touring tire.

Is the Dunlop D220 the ultimate sport touring tire? Honestly, no. However, it is a tire that is affordable, long-lasting, and predictable.

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