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Dunlop Qualifier Sport Bike TireAs one of the most well-known and long-lived brand names in the motorcycle racing world, Dunlop continues to do its utmost to remain at the top. Cheaper tires abound, and as new tire manufacturers appear every year, the competition for your tire dollars is intense.

The Qualifier is the next generation in performance street tires. It's composed of a blend of three polymers reinforced with carbon black, as well as an added special treat of a secret resin to increase traction in dry or wet conditions. The belt construction is of a jointless band, which not only prevents distortion at high speed, but also makes these tires nearly a pound lighter -- like getting free horsepower.

Dunlop's numbers state that there's an 18% improvement in front-tire footprint size at 45 degrees over their previous tire, and an 11% improvement for the rear. This adds up to better traction in corners overall, and means you can go deeper into the corners more quickly and with more stability.

This is a track-ready street tire. Reviews go on about how well these tires stick under any conditions, how well they handle in the esses, and how there's no shake or shimmy or step-out with these tires. But you won't get a ton of mileage from them; after a couple of thousand miles they'll need to be replaced. They're well worth it if you do the kind of riding that puts a tire like this through its paces.

Here are some V-rated Sport Bias tires by Dunlop, too.

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