Dunlop Bias Tires D404

Cruiser High Grip Water Tread

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Dunlop Bias Tires D404 Tires: Those big, round, expensive things that you can't leave home without. Take every mile into account and they're pretty cheap, but it never looks that way when it comes time to buy them. Even those as tight-fisted as myself must understand that tire shopping is not where you want to cut corners. Economic bitterness aside, you can still find an inexpensive tire that isn't a cheap tire.

Dunlop, the manufacturer of many OE tires, provides the D404. This is what they call their "high-value" bias tire. This is not the peak of engineering, and it's not W-rated, but it will carry you safely to your destination as long as you're not getting there at over 112 mph.

That might not sound like a ringing endorsement, but what more does a cruiser really need? Realistically, I'm not going to be laying out at 168 mph, ever. I don't think my bike would do that kind of speed, and I wouldn't know if it did because my speedometer only goes to 130.

The D404 comes in many sizes to fit many bikes and is constructed of a compound made for a happy medium between grip and long life. The tread pattern is designed for efficient water evacuation to provide safer wet cornering and stable straight riding. The bias-ply structure should provide smooth riding under variable loads.

Like I said, not top-of-the-line engineering, but you're also not paying for tires with features you'll never use. Bragging about them isn't using them. A perfectly acceptable tire for a perfectly acceptable price.

Also see the Bridgestone Hoop bias tires.

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