DMP Slingshot Tire Warmer Set

Street Racing Kit A for Front & Rear

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DMP Slingshot Tire Warmer Set They say that the most important thing on the track isn't the skill of the racer, but the temperature of the tires. I've never been out on the track myself, but I've talked to people who race regularly and it seems to be the common remark. If you're new to track days, or to motorcycle racing in general, or a seasoned racing pro, finding a way to get your tires warmed up without driving around the track first is super helpful as to not waste valuable (and somewhat expensive) track hours.

These Slingshot Tire Warmers, made by DMP, are a great way to get your tires hot and ready in no time. They're chalked full of 110 Volts and 55 watts, which basically will get your tires to the 170 degrees you need in about 20 to 30 minutes. Unlike other tire warmers, these ones slip right on the tire with them still attached to the bike. Some require you to remove the wheel itself, but not the DMP version. There are some heating and standby indicator lights to let you know what's going on, too.

DMP sells these Slingshot Tire Warmers in sets of two, in either the "A" kit that has a front tire of 110-120 width and rear of 170-180, or the "B" kit which has the front tire of 110-120 and the rear of 190-195. They also come with a handy storage bag.

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