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Black Leather Lined Overpants

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Diamond Plate Men's Chaps I ride in a full face helmet, a leather jacket replete with armor, leather gloves, leather boots, and jeans. I keep saying that I'll buy chaps later, but I wouldn't ride until I got my coat. I obviously rank my legs lower than my arms in more than just the spacial sense. Jeans may be pretty tough, but I remember being a kid and tearing through the knees of them in my day-to-day rough and tumble. In a crash, they'll strip away like wet tissue.

Leather chaps don't need to break the bank. Diamond Plate Rock Design chaps are genuine buffalo leather. Worn over you jeans, these will add abrasion protection and keep the chill of the oncoming wind from giving your knees that fun refrigerator stiffness. Having a layer of leather will also lessen the blow of rocks, bugs, loose bolts, and hail. I have had a hard rain in June start coming down as hail. It's weird, and unpleasant as all get out, but it happens.

Diamond Plate's chaps are fully lined and double stitched at stress points. They are made to go over pants, but the listed sizes don't reflect that, so you have to order them a couple inches larger than your size. The over-the-pant cut puts these head and shoulders above leather pants. You can take them on and off without having to decide between sweating buckets in your sticky leather or getting arrested for public indecency.

These are not the thickest leather on the market, but they're worlds better than nothing at all, and better yet over jeans. I've seen them priced from $25 to $70. If you're going to dump $70, look around a bit more, but these are well worth the $25.

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