Derby Cover Chrome Clutch Kit

Harley Davidson Eagle Live To Ride

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Derby Cover Chrome Clutch Kit Even when you're in love, there are still things about the object of your affection that you'd like to change. Don't read too much into that... I'm talking about bikes. People name their bikes (mine is Julian), and they spend their hard-earned money and free time customizing them. The bike becomes an expression of who you are, and who you are loves to ride.

Maybe that's a little on the dramatic side, but no matter the reason you bought those chrome covers or aftermarket mirrors, you don't have to stop with the appendages. The engine itself may be, for the most part, unalterable, but a derby cover can give a new look to your clutch.

The motto of, "Live to ride and ride to live," is a powerful sentiment. If it sounds too sentimental to say, you can let your bike say it for you with this classic eagle and banner cover. The Harley derby cover is a great addition to any machine, regardless of how far you want to go with the customization.

Shining with polished chrome and gold trim, this cover is less overt when actually on the bike. Alone, you would think it would draw eyes away from the rest of your machine to focus on the cover, but when you mix this in with all the other chrome, it blends nicely. Unless, of course, the rest of your bike is matte black, then it will stick out like a sore thumb.

If this fits your style, it's only about $60. If this doesn't fit your style, the cost is none of your concern.

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