Deltran Battery Tender Plus

Trickle Charger w/ Clamp Set 12 V

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Battery Tender Plus There are few things in this world that compare to that stomach-dropping feeling that hits you when you get all geared up to go out on your first ride since that annoying winter rain subsided, only to realize that your battery is completely dead.

One of the best ways to ensure you don't have to deal with that scenario is to pick up a trickle charger. The 12V Battery Tender Plus is just that, and more. The compact unit is designed to charge your battery without overcharging it, and then keep it charged at the optimum level so you never have to worry about dead battery issues again.

The compact unit comes with everything you need to hook up your battery. In addition to the traditional clamp-style connectors, it also comes with a quick connector that can be permanently hooked to the battery and then routed to an easy-to-reach location so you don't have to remove anything off your ride every time you need some juice. The required technical know-how to make all this happen is pretty minuscule. If you know how to get to your battery, you should have no problems getting everything hooked up.

The 12V Battery Tender Plus can be used with pretty much any type of battery including sealed, flooded, AGM, and lead acid. It also comes with a 10 year warranty, which ain't half bad in my opinion. This kit is a good choice for any bike or quad with a battery and can really save you from a big potential headache down the road.

Here's a waterproof battery tender that you can even use outside.

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