does text my ex back work

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does text my ex back work
Cruztools DMX Fanny Pack Tool Kit The days of more wrenching than riding are coming to an end. Modern machines don't need as much love (or hate) as their predecessors, which means more time on the road and less on the side of it. Don't get too comfortable though; any machine can run into problems, and you'd better be ready with the right tools.

CruzTools has put together a me

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tric tool kit for under $100. The DMX fanny pack tool kit is fully loaded with wrenches, pliers, electrical tape, a screwdriver, hex keys, a flashlight, etc. There is even extra storage space for additional tools or other items you want to have with you on your ride.

This pack doesn't defy the laws of physics, so it's going to be as big as the tools you have in it. Full size tools give you leverage, but they also take up space. CruzTools fashioned the DMX kit to give an off-road rider everything they need in a pinch, and that leaves the kit at 7 inches by 10 inches.

The DMX pack has a heavy-duty, nylon shell with top grade zippers. Never overlook zipper quality on a tool kit. A cheap zipper could cost you expensive tools.

On a side note, if you're riding in Great Britain, don't call it a fanny pack. That means something else there.

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