Clean Park Smart Garage Mat

Motorcycle Vinyl Floor Safety, Gold Non-Slip

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Oddly enough, one of the places where people most often drop their bikes is in their own garages.  There are a couple of reasons for that – coming home tired from a long ride, wet tires that have road grease on them, and the fact that many garage floors are slippery cement.  Not to mention the grime and grunge that comes off your bike
after a long ride, particularly here in the Pacific Northwest.

There are lots of garage floor mats available, but I like the Park Smart best.  Park Smart makes a Clean Park floor mat in varying sizes. It is made of heavy duty 20-mil. vinyl and has raised plastic edges that are specially engineered Snap-On edges, extremely durable and easy to install without tools.  So not only are you containing the rain and grime that you accumulated during your ride, but should you have a mishap while changing your oil or other fluids, the Clean Park can hold a couple gallons of liquid so that you need not worry about a long messy trail of spill to clean up.  The Clean Park is a no-slip surface and will capture the mud and dirt from your boots as well, eliminating any worries about getting yelled at for tracking mud in
the house.

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