Hot on a Hog: The 25 Hottest Harley-Riding Celebrity Women

Posted by Ken

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For over fifty years, Hollywood hotties
have mounted their Harleys for fun and sport.
We showcase the best of them.

Here at SpotMotorcycles, we like to keep an eye on what celebrity bikers are up to. And, since keeping an eye on celebrities can get somewhat tedious, we try to focus exclusively on the ones that look good.

Recently we've noticed a trend. Harley riding celebrity women seem to be getting more and more common. Sure we all know about the old-time biker beauties like Brigitte Bardot, Ann-Margret and Tina Turner. But these days it seems like you can't bat an eye without catching a glimpse of a famous figure posing on her bike.

So which of these nouveau biker babes are legitimate riders and which are merely posers?

We set out to answer that question by compiling a list of The 25 Hottest Harley Riding Celebrities of All-Time. They've been ranked in order of hotness by our discriminating committee. Bonus points given to bikers who are more than just dabblers in this classic American hobby — been spotted sporting a genuine set of Harley boots? That counts.


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