51 Celebrity Harley Davidson Riders

Posted by Ken

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Can you name all of these famous Harley Riders? Scroll to the bottom for details...

The list of celebrity Harley Davidson riders is quite long. Seems like everyone and their agent is getting in on the Hog craze these days. But when I sat down to make a list of names, I encountered a few surprises.

With that in mind, I created the above photo collage. Some of these celebrities you'll recognize immediately, while some you may not. Test your Celebrity Harley Knowledge and see how many you can name.

Think you know them all? Send me an email at "info@ spotmotorcycles.com" (remove the space after the '@' sign). I've got a few Harley baseball hats to give away to the first few people that get them all right. And, for those who are stumped, I'll post the answers next week.

Enjoy! And please, no wagering!

Update: The answers have been posted. What should the next contest be? And should I give away one of these as the prize? Or these for the women entrants.

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  1. Defmall Says:

    Very cool site! I recognize most of them…but I can’t name them ALL!

    Who’d have thunk that Elizabeth Taylor owned a Harley?!?!?

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    You should forward this website to the mayor, city council and anti-rally people in Myrtle Beach S.C. They have recently passed local ordinances in order to stop the Harley Rally in May including a helmet law that overrides the state law. If you read any of the posts that pertain to the rally on the Myrtle Beach Sun News website you will immediately see that they think all motorcylists are ignorant and uneducated. This site will show them that many successful people have chosen to ride a Harley. Thanks

  5. Jesse Says:

    Terrific game! Now cut that out! I’ve got to much to post to admire your website! Darn you.. sneaky sneaky…

  6. Tex Arcana Says:

    Correction: James Dean never owned a Harley, despite what some web sites and many retro fantasy artists would have you believe. Ironically, he owned just about everything else:

    Royal Enfield

  7. Robert Hess Says:


    I’m organizing the 2010 Tour de USA for prostate cancer awareness. Full details at the website above. We are trying to connect with a celebrity to two that would support this project. Can you assist with some recommendations? Thank you and best regards, Robert

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  9. AboutHarley Says:

    Harley-Davidson has been more than a motorcycle brand name for millions of devoted followers.

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