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Bridgestone TW21 Tires The only folks I know who own dual sport bikes tend to ride mostly on the road. The off-road capabilities are for the weekend and the vacation. For some of these folks, I'd have to go so far as to say they got a bike that could handle the trail due to some long-forgotten pipe dream of living rugged, because I've never seem them hit dirt.

Even if you don't know when you're going to get the time to skip off down a roadside trail, you might want to be ready to do so. This is no surprise to Bridgestone. That's where their TW21 tire comes in. Made for 80 percent on-road and 20 percent off-road riding, you'll be equipped to take that weekend camping trip, but still ride to work the rest of the week.

Four-ply construction, dimpled edges, and self-cleaning tread are what make these tires ready for the rough. The road comes in with the increased surface area gained from the unique tread pattern. These don't have those big digging knobs or wide open gaps, so they will feel much more stable on the street. The tread also has some decent longevity due to the compromise between hard and soft for variable conditions.

Don't buy these if the only time you plan to hit pavement is between trails. There are much better off-road tires on the market. For the majority of dual sport riders, however, these will fit your riding habits perfectly. A good buy if you're sick and tired of changing into your weekend tires, but don't expect a hard grab in soft terrain like purebred trail tires.

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