Bridgestone Hoop Rear Tire

Bias Ply Scooter Tires Tube or Tubeless

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Bridgestone Hoop Rear Tire Scooter tires should not be neglected. Far too many people don't seem to understand the level of wear that stop-and-go traffic can put on rubber, even if that rubber is under a very light machine. If your tires are looking a little worn down, don't take risks like skidding during a stop because your tire isn't providing enough traction. You may sense that I'm speaking from experience. Yes, the skid did look pretty neat in retrospect, but that was after the terror of almost sliding into an intersection had worn off.

Bridgestone is a good standby for tires on any vehicle. They've certainly been in the business long enough. The Hoop rear tire is OE on some scooters, so manufacturers thinks they're good enough and they'll fit. If your machine didn't come with the Bridgestone Hoop, it's worth checking out for a replacement.

Riders who have this model say it's ideal for routine street use, and riders have the option of getting this bias ply tire in tube-style or tubeless. The tread pattern is similar to many of the most popular motorcycle tires and designed to offer a high percentage of surface to surface contact and channel water away if necessary. These are optimized for dry conditions. Don't let that be too much of a deterrent though; how often were you planning to ride your scooter through a hurricane, anyway?

The price of the Hoop tire is appealing, but not out of this world. S-rated, you'll be safe up to 112 mph, so these will suffice for the more powerful modern scooters.

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