Benz Silent Rider Exhaust Muffler 660 w/ Adapter

Motorcycle Silencer Spark Arrestor, Black

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Benz Silent Rider Exhaust Muffler 660Here's something you don't usually hear: "Gosh, my motorcycle is just too darn loud. Did you hear my exhaust? You can hear those pipes a mile away!" Say that in a biker bar and see what kind of looks you get.

But all bikers are not created equal. Some people eschew "Loud Pipes Save Lives". Sometimes loud pipes are just plain irritating. And maybe you don't ride that kind of bike. Maybe you like your ride fast and silent. Maybe you live with your Gramma and she told you that your bike is so loud she can't hear her stories on TV and you better do something about it or move out. Maybe you work a graveyard shift and every time you ride up your driveway at 5 a.m., your neighbor Bruce gets his revenge by letting his Peekachow poop on your lawn.

Whatever. If you want your bike quieter instead of louder, there are options for you. The Benz Silent Rider Exhaust muffler is a flat-black, unattractive block of metal that promises "EZ installation", no loss of power or performance, and to minimize the noise of your exhaust by 60%. The Benz Silent Rider has a U.S. Forestry-approved spark arrestor. Good thing, since while you're sneaking up on those deer as you tear silently along the mountain roads, you wouldn't want to spark a massive forest fire.

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