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Bell Apex Full Face Snow Helmet ShieldIdeally you don't want to be riding in snow. It's unpredictable, it's slippery, it's hard to gauge depth, and it's cold! But, for you die-hard riders who just WILL get out there no matter what the weatherman says, or for long-distance trips where you are liable to go through various types of weather, you can ride safely and with more warmth with the Bell Apex/Spring Helmet Heated Snow Shield Kit.
This kit will convert either your Bell Sprint or your Apex Helmet into a heated snow helmet. Worn underneath your helmet, it comes with the face mask, the heated shield, the temperature controller and a snow breath box (which is a small box that pulls your humid breath out of the shield so you don't end up with the dreaded Fogged-Over Interior Shield).

This is a wonderful invention, particularly the heated shield, as snow simply melts immediately off of it instead of collecting. However, be aware that this item is a one-size-fits-all and people with very small heads can end up with the top of the mask sliding slowly down over their eyes, giving them the appearance of a little kid trying to rob a bank. So try before you buy.

At about $85, give or take a few bucks depending where you find the kit, this is well worth the money if you enjoy riding in snow or plan on crossing any mountain passes anytime soon (or for you snowmobilers!)

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