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Badlands LED Load Equalizer III Many of us are upgrading our lighting systems to LEDs. Innumerable aftermarket turn signals are now LED based due to the low power draw and long life of the lights. If you've recently switched, you may be experiencing the frustration of your turn signals staying on, not coming on, or (more likely) blinking rapidly.

To even out the electrical flow and compensate for your aftermarket LED lights, security systems, or even halogen lights, Badlands Motorcycle Products provides a variety of load equalizers. The Load Equalizer III is waterproof and utilizes a solid state module to eliminate heat-producing ceramic resistors. Without heat building up, you can flash your lights as long as your heart desires, so go ahead and take part in that biker parade.

Most bikes are designed for the old, inefficient, incandescent bulbs, so switching to LEDs can activate the indicator that senses a burned-out bulb. This is at the heart of many quirks. Electrical load issues might be responsible for what you feared was bad wiring. So that time your new rear left turn signal just stayed on all the time until you broke down and reattached the stock part was probably the result of an electrical load issue. You, of course, should first check if you accidentally wired your tail light to your turn signal. Otherwise, the Load Equalizer III will clean up your electrical load inconsistencies.

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