Avon Gripster Front or Rear Tire AM24

Dual Sport 600 650 cc

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Avon Gripster Front or Rear Tire AM24 Avon Gripster AM24 tires have been spooned onto big dual-sport motorcycles for years. This is what is known as "tried and true" technology. The most common fitment for these venerable treads are 600 and 650 cc on off-road bikes that will spend more than half of the time on the pavement. Gripsters live up to their name on any hard, dry surface. Where they suffer is in sand, loose dirt, and mud. I have never used the Gripsters on wet pavement, but some riders report that this is also a weak area for the tires.

These Avons have a relatively deep tread that is molded in a unique arrow pattern. They are T-rated for speeds up to 118, which is good news for those big, high-speed dual-sports. They have a three ply construction and have consistently put up impressive mileage totals.

Like I said, the Gripster tires have been around a long time, and some riders have switched to Avon's newer offering: the Distanza. That being said, Gripsters have an almost cult following for many riders. After all, dual-sport riders don't have the same kind of "chase the newest technology" obsession that sport riders seem to have. The Avon Gripster AM24 Tires are a good choice for riders who know their intended terrain and the tire's strengths and limitations.

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