Andrews Roller Cam Conversion Kit

’99-’06 Harley-Davidson Engine

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Andrews Roller Cam Conversion Kit If you're spending your riding time listening for ugly noises coming from your HD's top end, it might be time to consider the Andrews Roller Cam conversion kit. Specific to 1999 through 2006 engines, there appears to be a tendency for the cam chain tensioners to wear out, or simply wear excessively. It's not a consistent failure -- some engines don't exhibit the problem, and some do. Still, plenty of folks go ahead with the switch-out for the peace of mind that this kit provides for them.

Stock chain tensioners for the '99-'06 engines are spring-loaded and tend to slide back and forth on the chain. This "slap" is the cause of the wear. Engines from 2007 on employ a hydraulic (engine oil pressure) tensioner which eliminated the problem; this is what the conversion kit does for an earlier engine.

Andrews Products has been around since 1972. They make transmission gears and camshafts for motorcycles, and that's it. From their beginning, the company has maintained a flawless reputation and set the standard for quality and precision in the industry.

The kit comes complete with both cams, a cam support plate assembly (you cannot use the originals), inner and outer roller chains and their tensioners, camshaft drive sprockets, spacers, an oil pump assembly (again, you can't use the original), and all the various required extra bits.

By careful study of the included four pages of instructions, you can probably get through installing the kit in 6-10 hours -- these times are approximated from forum postings by those who've done it. It's not for the squeamish, however; if you're not comfortable tearing into an engine, it's probably better to have your local dealer do the wrenching.

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  1. Dean Harris Says:

    Have 01 fat boy would like to convert mechanical tensioners chains in cam section. I have been reading info would like to get pricing & tools needed. Plus cost. Thanks, Dean

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