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Black Leather Nylon C-1

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Alpinestars Windstopper Gloves Alpinestars' C-1 Windstopper gloves caught my eye for the very reason they shouldn't have. They are surprisingly humble, coming from their otherwise ostentatious Alpinestars roots. There's nothing showy or striking about the C-1. I dare say they look generic, but Alpinestars has not overlooked their function.

Constructed of thick Windstopper nylon for insulation, the C-1 gloves have a leather palm that maintains grip in all conditions and saves the nerve-rich flesh of your palms from abrasion.

Anyone who knows the construction of most of Alpinestars gear won't be surprised by the hard knuckle protection that resides under a layer of nylon. The fingers are padded with 3 mm EVA, which is enough to dull impact but not impede movement. The C-1 gloves are water resistant and windproof. These are designed for chilly rides, and even Wisconsin winter riders sing their praises.

So, where do these fall short? I already mentioned the low-key look. They are more akin to Alpinestars underwear rather than outerwear. There is nothing eye-catching about these gloves. At $80, the price is not an attractive feature either. These do shine when the sun is not, and if you're not superficial, you may find that these will carry you in comfort from October to April.

If you want a look that's not as low-key, try the Alpinestars Octane gloves.

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