AccuMate Battery Charger

6 to 12 Volt Tender LED

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AccuMate Battery Charger I've been pretty lucky with my most recent battery. Even after winter storage, I didn't need to give it any electrical pep talk before getting my bike going. That wasn't the story with my last battery. It was moody as a 14-year-old and would approach death if I didn't ride for a week (yes, there are times that even I neglect my bike for up to a week).

A decent tender should be able to support both frequent use and sitting in the garage a while. The AccuMate is acceptable in this capacity. It will charge both 6-Volt and 12-Volt batteries. With the market majority on 12 volt, this is of great comfort to folks who own some of the British or Italian bikes that use the 6-Volt batteries.

Designed for battery life, the AccuMate charges slowly and tapers the charge as it approaches full. An LED will turn on when your battery has completed charging, and you'll know it's time to ride.

The down side to this system is that there is no progressive indicator. You won't be able to gauge how long it will take or if you're close to being done. Some may actually see this as a feature, preventing you from interrupting the charge cycle and cutting time off the life of the battery. Others may just wing it, guess, and kill their battery out of impatience.

Indoor use only, this is an inexpensive charger that will get the job done. It's safe to leave your battery on the charger for the winter to maintain a full charge without causing damage or longevity issues. The AccuMate comes with a cigarette lighter adaptor, alligator clips, eyelet connectors, and a 2-year limited warranty.

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