51 Celebrity Harley Davidson Riders – The Answers

Posted by Ken

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Last week, I posted a photo collage of 51 Celebrity Harley Riders. The photos were unnamed, though, and a challenge went out -- Could anyone name them all?

Well the answers are now revealed below. Sadly, nobody got them all. But one reader did something even better. DG got about 90% of them and then added some Harley Riding celebrities of her own to make up for the ones she missed. Hats off to you DG, I'm sending you a hat!

From left-to-right, top-to-bottom, here are the celebs:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Billy Joel, George Clooney
Elvis Costello, Ann Margret, Peter Fonda
Brad Pitt, K.D. Lang, Elizabeth Taylor
Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, Sylvester Stallone
Mary Hart, Billy Idol, Pat Boone,
Mickey Rourke, Nancy Sinatra, Evel Knievel
Wynona Judd, Dennis Hopper, Tommy Thompson
James Caan, Judd Nelson, Lauren Hutton
Malcolm Forbes, James Dean, Larry Hagman
Pamela Anderson, Jay Leno, Jasper Conran
Dave Zien, Dan Akroyd, Brigitte Bardot
Don Johnson, Nikki Taylor, Steve McQueen
Dwight Yoakam, Harrison Ford, Lorenzo Lamas
Kirstie Alley, Leslie "Red" Parkhurst, Lou Reed
Robert Patrick, John Kerry, Dan Haggerty
Marlon Brando, Cher, James Gandolfini
Tina Turner, Jackson Browne, Clark Gable

Please settle all wagers ASAP. And let me know if I've gotten any wrong!

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